Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Article roundup 23rd November 2010

Happy Anniversary to Doctor Who!

A Christmas Carol
Western Mail(23rd) - Jenkins adds sparkle to Doctor Who’s Christmas
Mirror(23rd) - Dr Who is BBC's festive secret weapon
Telegraph(23rd) - BBC plans nostalgic television schedule over Christmas
California Chronicle(23rd) - The Doc, The Dumbledore, Look Who's on Christmas Telly
MTV(22nd) - 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Gets A New Trailer
TV Overmind(22nd) - Doctor Who Christmas Special Poster Released
News on News(22nd) - Christmas 2010 on the BBC
flick filosopher(22nd) - ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: first peek at the 2010 Christmas special

Series Coverage
Digital Journal(22nd) - Utah goes Doctor Who mad

Children in Need
Enquirer(23rd) - Havering college raise hundreds for Children in Need
CafOnline(22nd) - Children in Need raises £18m

Doctor Who Experience
SFX(22nd) - Doctor Who Experience

Den of Geek(23rd) - Doctor Who: Return To Earth Nintendo Wii review
Official Nintendo Magazine(22nd) - UK Charts: How did Doctor Who Wii get on?
TV Geek Army(23rd) - Doctor Who Series Five DVD Review: 11th incarnation still enjoyably unpredictable
Blogcritics(22nd) - DVD Review: Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Season
Film Music Magazine(22nd) - CD Review: November Soundtrack Picks (Series 4 Soundtrack)
Monsters & Critics(22nd) - Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis – DVD Review
Monsters & Critics(22nd) - Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen – DVD Review
Digital Spy(22nd) - Moorcock: 'BBC didn't want Amy Pond room'
Inventors Spot(22nd) - The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 4 – Dalek Keychains, Now With 100% Less Extermination
Pink Paper(22nd) - CD: Doctor Who – The Lost TV Episodes Collection One

io9(23rd) - British couple receive £325,000 for defending the honor of Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy
Anglotopia(22nd) - 'Doctor Who': Daleks in a Blender, Matt Smith in a Podcast
Comics Alliance(22nd) - Link Ink: Donald Glover Talks it Out With Andrew Garfield, TARDIS Socks and Ink Blotimus Prime

Passing Mention
Scotsman(22nd) - Analysis: BBC wins, thanks to London input